Unlike those who live in flats, people who own houses have to take several areas of protection into consideration. The security system not only has to secure the front door, but also numerous windows, patio doors, skylights, garden gates, cellar chutes, garages and more besides.

Your all-round protection from EVVA

Your home may have a whole range of security weak points – The solutions EVVA offers you will overcome them all:

  • With EVVA, you can assemble your own, highly secure locking system and you will then be able to lock all doors and window security devices using just one key from mail boxes and summer houses through to skylights and basement doors. Thanks to the security card, only you can now re-order keys from EVVA or an EVVA partner.
  • New: The electronic cylinder e-primo enables you to issue instant access authorisations to your home yourself and also cancel them again just as quickly. No PC, no software, no wiring.
  • A sophisticated alarm system featuring contact and motion sensors as well as smoke and glass break detectors offers seamless, all-round protection for your home.

Simply a good feeling

EVVA does not just protect you home and your property, but also provides you with something very important: the feeling that you are safe within your own four walls.