Are you in full-time employment and often out of the house? Just think, whenever you are out and about - so are the burglars. With EVVA you can put a stop to any unwanted visitors.  

  • When you are out you will be safe in the knowledge that you have put your flat in the hands of one of the most traditional, yet also most modern, specialists in security technology. 
  • When you are at home you will feel safe and sound thanks to the multi-patented EVVA security systems, which have proved their effectiveness throughout the world.

The obvious enemy of thieves and burglars

Even seeing the name EVVA can make criminals have second thoughts. Burglars know all about security systems and can recognise high-quality security products immediately. Criminologists confirm that almost all criminals given up immediately if security seems to be insurmountable, to demand too much time or to require specialist knowledge.

Threefold protection for your home

A highly developed combination of three products is used to equip your door with this superior security system and provide effective protection against break-ins:

  • An innovative mechanical locking system and/or electronic locking system,
  • a burglary-resistant security fitting, which locks flush with the cylinder,
  • and an additional security lock, which allows the door to be opened into a secure position,

complement each other and create optimum security for your home.