How residential buildings benefit from EVVA

  • An ideal combination of mechanical and electronic security systems. Combined systems are increasingly being installed in residential buildings. With good reason as EVVA mechanical systems provide optimum protection while their electronic solutions ensure sophisticated access management. EVVA's access control system controls exactly who has access to each specific area in the building. In the case of premises covering wide areas it is particularly important to ensure that visitors are only able to enter areas generally accessible to all. Escape routes and escape doors are also taken into consideration.  
  • Convenient use for users. Each user (e.g. employee) only requires a single identification medium, such as a card, a combination key or even just a(n) (electronic) employee ID. This gives users immediate access to specific areas, such as their departmental area and their office as well as to places such as the canteen, vending machines, the lift and the garage. When keys are used, EVVA provides practical reversible keys - not matter which way up the user (e.g. retiree) inserts the key, it will always fit in the cylinder.
  • Optimum security. EVVA locking systems are amongst the most secure in the world. They guarantee optimum legal and technical security due to aspects such as patents, high-grade resistant materials, protection against scanning, drilling and picking and much, much more.

  • Smooth procedures. Our locking systems are secure and well-priced, can be installed quickly and are ideal for large facilities. These are important considerations when you take into account that often hundreds of cylinders are needed on a single property.
  • No wiring – good for preserving historic buildings and for your budget. EVVA solutions are also ideal for buildings or parts of buildings which are listed for historic preservation, something which is often the case in monasteries, for instance. No wiring is required; something which not only preserves the building, but also your budget.