Culture & leisure facilities

Opera houses, concert halls, theatres, fitness centres, sport facilities, swimming pools, casinos and museums. Although these cultural institutions and leisure facilities may be very different, they all have one thing in common: They require a sophisticated security concept. Public areas need to be easily accessible while sensitive areas need to be safeguarded and the flow of visitors needs to be controlled and under no circumstances obstructed. Staff are often required to work in shifts; maintenance, servicing or services areas must be integrated into the system.

EVVA has been providing security technology for cultural institutions and leisure facilities throughout Europe for decades. You can benefit from our experience: EVVA will work with you on developing the ideal security solution for your premises - matched to the needs of your user, building and management structure. When selecting a system, priority is given to your specific requirements, cost effectiveness and safe, long-term investment, whilst always giving consideration to the three aspects of comfort, organisation and security.