MCS technology

MCS (Magnetic Code System) ensures triple security due to

  • one magnetic and
  • two mechanical codings.

The cylinder plug features 8 rotating magnet rotors, which have 4 corresponding magnet pills in the key. When the key is taken out, the rotors always end up in a different position. Each key magnet pill can be magnetised on both sides, separately from the others.

If a key with appropriate magnetic coding is inserted, all the magnetic rotors are aligned with the locking position. Two control bars are pushed forward via radial tracks and the key opens or locks the door.

Mechanical control takes place via a profile system (length profile) and a positive-controlled locking pin scan on both sides of the key with tampering control.


  • Each lock and each key are unique.
  • Triple security provided by one magnetic and two mechanical (profile and locking pin) levels of coding.
  • Technological protection (copy protection), organisational protection (security card) and legal key protection (patents).
  • Modular design
  • Samarium cobalt 5 permanent magnets ensure a long service life. They cannot be re-magnetised or de-magnetised using conventional methods.
  • The coding undergoes two separate checks as the key is turned through 360°.
  • Wear resistance is provided by sealed locking elements.
  • The exceptionally wide range of variations allows complex access control hierarchies