Modular systems with Anti-snap

EVVA’s anti-snap option will make any front door impenetrable. Even professionals are unable to
open this hardened steel solution. Its function is simple, yet highly effective: The cylinder simply
snaps at a rated break point in the event of a snapping attempt. The attack is registered and the
remaining cylinder is blocked and rendered unusable. At this point, there is no way of breaking in
without having to use a loud drilling machine. The anti-snap option from EVVA – for optimum
protection of your front door. Available for thumb turn and double cylinders.
Available for all modular Systems (SYMO) and also in combination with BSZ (external key override), SOS (priority function) and CF (classroom function).

  • Modular design (SYMO)
  • Installed without having to replace the escutcheon or modify the door
  • Anti-snap unit made of specially hardened steel
  • Picking and drilling protection
  • TS 007:2014 3-star certification (British Standard Institut)