e-primo function

1 Inside thumb turn
2 Electronics module
3 Battery
4 Cam
5 Cylinder part
6 Outside thumb turn
7 Light ring

  • e-primo cylinder

How does the e-primo differ from the locking cylinder in your house or apartment door?
In a small, yet fundamental way. There is now a thumb turn where you used to insert your key. The electronics in the e-primo cylinder regulate who is allowed to come in and who is not. When you hold the user key against the thumb turn and you are authorized, the door can be released or locked.

The best thing about e-primo is that no wiring is required or installation.
e-primo will also fit exactly into the cylinder cut-out where your current locking cylinder is located. When purchasing, you only need to take into account the cylinder opening in the escutcheon and the length of the e-primo.

Security for your door - Combined with the freedom to change authorisations instantly and react quickly when a key is lost.

The e-primo electronic cylinder now offers all the benefits of electronic access for your house, apartment or business.

This is made possible by the intelligent interaction of technology with a memory function, embedded into the cylinder.
A set of function keys enables the cylinder to be quickly and easily programmed without the need for a PC and software.

Normal keys are replaced with user keys - either a key tag or a card.
You can use them to open your doors. Function keys enable the holder to authorise or delete user keys at the e-primo cylinder, or assign them special functions.

This provides you with a wide range of new and practical ways which make handling security easy.
You can now quickly regulate comings and goings through your doors according to your needs. Feel secure and enjoy the freedom of a flexible product.