Simply smart: new AirKey features available now

news, press, 18. December 2017

AirKey has been enhanced by a host of new features. Send a key, geotagging and iPhone compatibility – numerous, smart functions enhance the application range and maintain maximum security levels.

"Imagine you can send registrations online to any smartphone. Authorised persons receive a text message (SMS) and thus a digital key. Easily and securely send digital keys thanks to end-to end encryption. This is no longer a vision of the future, but reality", EVVA AirKey product manager Hanspeter Seiss explains. This functionality is enabled by the new AirKey send a key function, available as part of the new update. However, it's not just "Send a key" and the other existing functions that make access easier. We have also added geotagging functionality. "In this process, smartphones know where master key system components are located and guide the way using the navigation app. This is particularly handy if persons are granted temporary access and must initially become familiar with the environment."

Now also for iPhones
Thanks to the extension to available NFC components [1] (near field communication) featuring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) we have significantly multiplied the number of users. Now users have the choice. "AirKey users can now choose which technology matches their usage characteristics most and which software they would like to apply to gain access." They can either use NFC or BLE. Both systems meet today's maximum security standards.

An app that turns smartphones into keys
The re-designed AirKey app complements AirKey online administration. It saves access authorisations to consequently turn your smartphone into a key. It also converts smartphones to coding stations with the functionality to update AirKey locking components and identification media. The way from smartphone to key is simple: "download the app to your smartphone, simply enter the registration code you received by text message (SMS) and decide yourself whether you would like to additionally protect the app using a PIN." Installed encryption methods additionally guarantee effective protective mechanisms on the smartphone itself. Consequently users can additionally increase security levels by entering a PIN code and/or screen lock (fingerprint, face unlock).

Security with high-grade design
The high-quality AirKey cylinder boasts security features, such as plug pulling and drilling protection, rotary damper and an integrated secure element for secure data storage. The modular design of cylinders (SYMO) is also unique. It enables elongation adjustments on site and simplifies planning. In 2017 the AirKey product range was completed by the AirKey padlock and hybrid cylinder to link mechanical and electronic systems within doors as part of a smart process.

Data protection as paramount criterion
Today AirKey already meets strict data protection guidelines which will be introduced as the European data protection directive in May 2018. AirKey was developed as the most data-protection-friendly access system together with certified data protection expert Christof Tschohl.

Smart, new AirKey features
Apart from smart, new features the usual professional online administration features make several elements easier. Be it public holiday calendars, schedule-based access, importing lists of persons, key handover confirmations or office mode activation, all these elements make the system particularly convenient to use as part of everyday activities.

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[1]Note: NFC for Android only

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