The following overview shows clearly the four different master key systems. Your EVVA support team or EVVA partner will be glad to provide you with information as to which type is perfect for your property.

The general main group key system

Several main groups with subordinate group and own keys are combined under a general master key in accordance with the hierarchical structure of a company (for complex organisation such as administration and infrastructure companies, industry, etc.).

  • Illustration of a general main group key system

The main key system

The main key system is one with different locking cylinders to which a master key is assigned (e.g. for the commercial sector).

  • Illustration of a main key system

The central lock system with technical master key

For housing developments for example. Individual flats have different locking cylinders. Each flat resident locks the flat and the main entrance door with his/her key. A master key can also be provided which locks all engineering rooms.

  • Illustration of a central lock system with technical master key

The combined master key system

In addition to the mechanical master key system, doors are also protected with an electronic locking system. The mechanical, and also electronic locking system, can only be operated by the user with an ID (combination key).