10 ways to protect yourself against burglars


1) Make things as difficult as possible for burglars
In most cases, it only takes between 5 and 10 minutes to break into a building. If structures offer enough resistance, burglars will give up after after about 3 to 5 minutes. Efficient mechanical security systems, such as security cylinders and other supplementary security devices, provide such effective resistance. Rely on professional security technology from a renowned company such as EVVA.

2) Lock your doors
A door which has merely been closed but not properly locked is very easy to open. Even the highest quality cylinders must always be locked. Doors should be locked out of habit, but, unfortunately, they very often are not. You can't make it much easier for burglars.

3) Secure windows and skylights
Badly secured windows and, of course, unclosed windows or skylights, are always an open invitation for thieves. As attempted break-ins via upper floor levels are rapidly increasing worldwide, this area of your home should also be suitably secured with devices such as window tilt securing mechanisms and supplementary locks.

4) Remove ladders

Items which burglars could climb on to gain access, such as ladders, tables, armchairs and dustbins, should not be left outside, otherwise, burglars can easily gain access to windows and balconies on the first floor.

5) Burglar-resistant door with professional cylinders
What is the use of a strong door if burglars can easily remove the cylinder? Professional security cylinders, such as 3KSplus (3-Curve System), excel due to their optimum burglary protection against techniques such as drilling, scanning, picking and plug extraction.

6) Don't forget balcony and patio doors!
A burglar will always find the easiest way in. If the main entrance is properly secured, burglars will try their luck with balcony and patio doors or with windows, which are usually not protected so effectively. Such doors or windows are usually quickly pried open using a screwdriver or crowbar. Reinforced locking bars, hinge-side security mechanisms, supplementary window locks and other devices offer optimum resistance in such cases.

7) Block your basement wells and windows
Basement wells and smaller windows set back into the wall are vulnerable, frequently overlooked spots in buildings. Burglars love them as they offer an easy way to gain entry. Gratings and window locks will eliminate such security vulnerabilities.

8) Choose an effective deterrent
Burglars tend to recognise a high-grade security system when they see one. Mechanical protection devices and a professional alarm system, including an outdoor siren, serve as an effective deterrent. Burglars don't want to run any unnecessary risks and will go on to the next, unsecured building.

9) Security film for windows as extra protection
Burglars will try to avoid breaking windows due to the noise it makes and a high risk of injury. Nevertheless, you can give the glass in your windows additional protection with special security film.

10) Work together with your neighbours
A good neighbourhood crime prevention scheme goes a long way in preventing break-ins or in helping to solve such crimes quickly. Look out for such initiatives, which seek to revive a sense of community where everyone looks after one another, such as www.pronachbar.at

The good news:

Professional burglars immediately recognise a high-grade security system when they see one. Make it difficult for thieves: the EVVA website contains everything you need to know burglary protection as well as all products which you can best protect yourself with.