What to keep in mind when installing emergency opening devices.

Emergency opening with BSZ function

A locking cylinder can be blocked from functioning when a key is inserted in the lock. This can pose a safety hazard, particularly in the event of an emergency. What can be done, for instance, if a member of your family or a hotel guest always leaves their key in the lock on the inside and there is an emergency? The solution: EVVA double cylinders can be optionally fitted with a BSZ function. BSZ is a function which allows the cylinder to be locked from both sides, even if an authorised key is inserted on one side of the door.

Emergency opening with override function

In the event of an emergency, controlled access to all rooms must be possible at all times, particularly in companies. EVVA offers the option of a so-called lock override: This is when a person with an authorised key can take the locking system general master key (GMK) or group key in a controlled way and thus have access in the event of an emergency.
The general master key must also be available to emergency services such as the fire service in the event of a fire or other emergency. The key can be securely stored in an EVVA tubular safe.