Burglary protection: How can I best secure my home?

Burglars come through windows and skylights, force doors and can immediately identify a lack of security systems. Basic cylinders and vulnerable locks will just raise a smile before burglars set about the easy task of breaking in. EVVA high-grade security systems can put a stop to such break-ins.

As a study by EVVA and the INTEGRAL Research Institute plainly shows, most respondents would only implement measures to provide better burglary protection if they themselves or people they know have been victims of a burglary. This means, in many cases, something must happen first before action is taken and burglary protection is consequently improved. If you wish to take action before damage is done, EVVA's globally successful products will bring you peace of mind when in the comfort of your home. 

What provides real protection against burglars?

Even the simplest precautions are a great help, such as always locking doors, not leaving windows ajar all the time, or making sure neighbours keep an eye on things, a safeguard measure which is often undervalued. However, proper protection against professional burglars can only be provided by top-rate security solutions. High-grade solutions really pay off - the brand name EVVA is often enough on its own to deter potential burglars. Which security systems are ideal for your particular requirements? EVVA will tell you exactly what you need: 

Mechanical locking system
There is nothing better than a good, solid, high-grade mechanical locking system. EVVA can supply you with keys which meet very high security standards and can protect you from illegal break-in methods such as snapping off, drilling or extracting cylinders.

Electronic locking system
Electronic locking solutions are also becoming increasingly popular in private residential properties. EVVA products are exceptionally convenient and easy to use: In the case of EVVA e-primo, for instance, you simply have to place an identification medium such as a card or key fob against the cylinder and you can then open or lock your doors instantly - no wiring, no software, no PC required.