Burglary protection: How can I best secure my company?

Police arrive at the ABC electronics store. Goods valued at tens of thousands of Euros have been stolen from the warehouse. It becomes apparent that the lack of security systems made the burglar's job easy. Same day - another location: A member of staff at a branch of chain store XYZ gains unhindered access to the storeroom. For the third time this month, he steals goods of considerable value undetected. There is no access control system. Such a security system would have prevented the theft. Examples such as these demonstrate the importance of sophisticated security systems on company premises. Most companies are aware of such systems but do not take any action until after such incidents take place. Take preventative action now - EVVA, one of the leading suppliers of security systems in Europe, will be happy to assist.

Potential danger from inside and out: 

  • Break-ins are a daily occurrence in stores and business premises. A mechanical locking system, such as EVVA's time-tested 3KSplus system, is essential and offers lasting protection against illegal break-in techniques. Alarm systems also monitor premises inside and out twenty-four hours a day. 
  • Danger does not always come from the outside. Companies are increasingly faced with theft by members of their own workforce or also by customers. This is why sensitive areas should not be accessible to everybody. EVVA access control system SALTO XS4 ensures only authorised personnel can open and lock certain rooms, such as storage facilities. A video surveillance system can also be quickly and easily installed.

Don't let security technology issues overwhelm you

Aversion to using necessary technology or the fear of the expense of wiring are not uncommon reasons for a lack of security systems. Such reservations are unfounded, however. EVVA security solutions are easy to use and can be implemented without great expense.

How you benefit from EVVA:

  • Easy-to-use and low-priced: an integrated security system for all your different sites and user groups 
  • Safe, long-term investment: EVVA security solutions can grow as your company expands and can be enlarged at any time, to include new buildings or extensions, for instance.
  • Ideal combination of time-tested technologies: Mechanics provide a secure, basic system. Electronics are primarily used for sensitive company areas. They determine who can enter particular areas at particular times (employees, customers, cleaning service, etc.). There is no need to spend time and money on extensive wiring.
  • The ideal alarm and/or video surveillance system for the size of your enterprise.
  • Mechanical override lock system for fire services
  • Founded in 1919, EVVA is a long-established company with decades of experience in the security sector. It can offer numerous reference clients in all industries all over the world