• nostalgische Zeichnung mit kleinem Mädchen und Schriftzug "Sicherheits-Zylinder-Kastenschlösser"

It is 1919. Four engineers join forces to create the "Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt" (Invention, Experimentation and Application Institute) (EVVA). It is not yet clear what products they want to specialise in. However, in the founding year even the claim of being inventive and realising new ideas is of great significance.

Time moves on, it is now 1937 and the current crisis means that people are feeling a particular need for security. EVVA is awarded the first patent for a cylinder padlock. This means that EVVA has struck out on the path of security technology.

Innovation based on tradition

This original idea of invention, experimentation and application that gave EVVA its name, is still reflected in today's corporate philosophy. Developing and producing innovative products ourselves is a core component of our corporate vision. To this day EVVA has filed applications for more than 200 national and international patents. This means that EVVA has been a byword for security for more than 90 years.